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Our Association News: Casa Sofia and CFM

Sindy Lorena Jacinto


Sindy graduated from the school of Social Work, University of San Carlos, April 27, 2023. She was commended for her excellent project and thesis. We are so happy for her. We love launching Guatemalan women.

April 30, 2023  8:28 am


Berta Leticia Balcarcel Palencia


On April 15 Lety graduated in theology from Universidad Rafael Landivar. She graduated cum laude and gave the speech in the name of all the graduates. We are so proud of her.

April 30, 2023  8:49 am

Bernardina Matias Gomez


Berna graduated from the school of professional nursing at the Universidad Rafael Landivar, Antigua, on March 28, 2023. Berna is already working, but will be able to get a better job now. We are proud of her.

April 30, 2023  8:59 am

Berna Graduation.jpg
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