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Here is a note where Berna tells us a little bit about her experience at Casa Sofia

  1. Where are you from?  Tells a little about your family.

My name is Bernandina Matias Gómez, originally from Huehuetenango in the Chiantla Municipality, Aldea Chochal, come from a humble family, my father José Francisco Matias Fabián, my mother Francisca Gómez Sales, unfortunately in 2020 my mother passed away, may she rest in peace. My parents never attended school for the same reason they can't read or write, we are a family of 7 members, four women and two men and my father. He is engaged in agriculture.
My parents gave us all the opportunity to continue studying, my brothers didn't take advantage of it, they stayed in sixth grade, the women who continued studying were the women, that is, my sisters and me. The reason why my sisters and I continue studying was the support of my dear mother, since she told us her sad story, for which she urged us to continue studying, regardless of being alone and sacrificing in all the housework. she wanted to see us surpassed and that we not repeat the same history that she lived. That is why thanks to her we are where we are, my older sister Santas in the present year 2023 is in the process of designing her thesis for the Sociology Degree, from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and my sister Norma graduated from Baccalaureate in Medicine, I graduated from the Nursing Technician in Primary Care, at the Rafael Landívar University of Antigua Guatemala. And my little sister is in fourth grade and my sisters and I are helping her to continue with her studies, since when my mother died my sisters took care of her.

   2) How did I get to Casa Sofia?
I came to Casa Sofía for my older sister Santas Matias, she studied at the Precious Blood Multiple Formation Center in La Cienega San Raymundo. She told me about Casa Sofia and that's how I arrived.

3) What career did you decide to study and why?
I decided to study nursing because since I was little, I dreamed of being a nurse, helping people in need, I also decided because my mother visited health centers I accompanied her, the nurses who attended us had no empathy with the patients, they treated them badly, well I said, I am going to study nursing and care for my people with a vocation, make the change and provide good care.


4. How was your stay at Casa Sofía?

My stay at Sofia house was like a dream come true, pleasant atmosphere, a new family, living with other people from other departments, cultures and customs, I learned many new things and Sister Joyce and Terry aregood-hearted, adorable people etc. Well, an unforgettable experience.

5. How did staying at Casa Sofia support you during your studies?

Casa Sofía helped me out of reality, since it is a place of many opportunities; A place especially to study, pleasant atmosphere, good concentration when doing homework or receiving classes with Internet accessibility, desk, computer and printer etc. If I had not known home Sofia surely I would not have managed to  graduate from nursing, since my family is of scarce resources, it was difficult to continue with my studies, but thanks  to D ios I found this opportunity, I am very grateful for everything and for this opportunity offered by Casa Sofía, because I manage to change my life.

6. What did you learn from being at Casa Sofia?

I learned to live with other people, cultures, customs and new words in other Mayan languages.

At home Sofia I was able to strengthen knowledge in general, maturity and see life in a different way, I learned many things.

7. How do you feel about graduating?

I am happy to have fulfilled my dream that I have loved so much, and  I am very grateful to God, for giving me  the opportunity to meet the  sisters and the opportunity they provide.


8. How do you feel about starting to live in an apartment?

I feel ready and I have a job to cover the necessary expenses, ready and ready for new challenges and challenges.


9. What do you want for other women in rural areas of Guatemala?

Thatthey continue to fight and strive in their studies and  break down the  ideological barriers  that exist in their communities, since men and women havethe same right to education.    If they are given the opportunity to make the  most  of it because that changes their lives for the better.

The key to success is to put on our part,  positive attitude, discipline and responsibility ad and seek support to help meet the goals.

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