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Casa Sofia

To examine how the Sisters of the Precious Blood live out their spirituality by fostering,
nourishing and encouraging life in others and by being agents of reconciliation where there is discord and disunity.

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Our Story

The Sisters of the Precious Blood have been in Guatemala for 27 years, when Sr. Rosalina and Hna. Marife
They came here from Chile. They started in La Labor Vieja collaborating with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in the
parish ministry.
In 1994 and 1995 three more sisters arrived: Sr. Joyce Kahle, Hna. Theresa Walter and Sr. Margo Young. Hna. Margo, being
doctor, she began working at the Blood Health Project of Christ. Hna. Joyce went to Mixco to collaborate with Sr. Sarah
Mulligan of the Sisters of Charity at another medical clinic.
Hna. Theresa went to Joyabaj, Quiche to start a project mental health and development in communities affected by the
armed conflict.
Hna. Rosalina died of cancer in 1995. Sr. Joyce
He returned to the US to care for her sick mother.
Hna. Mary Faye lived for several years in Tanhoc, Peten, working with the women and youth of the community. She later founded a school in San Raymundo where Mayan women can study basic and high school. This school is already 8 years old.
Hna. Margo worked many years in the Health Project Sangre de Cristo, being medical director, and attending many people. She returned to the US in 2008. Sr. Theresa worked in San Marcos, collaborating with the Sisters San Francisco schoolchildren at the founding of a clinic alternative. She also collaborated in the diocese of San Marcos in a mental health project to help communities affected by the internal war. Later, she lived in zone 16 and she worked at La Labor Vieja, founding a health program mind there. She returned to the US in 2009 due to illness her mother.
Sisters Joyce and Theresa returned to Guatemala to collaborate with sister Mary Faye, offering lodging to her graduates who They study at the university. They are also collaborating with
Missionaries of the Precious Blood and with the lay group of the Precious Blood in his ministry of Reconciliation in the

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